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Baking face animations

The preferred way to create facial animations is to add face shape drivers to the armature. In this way you can access the face shapes also when the character is linked into another blend file. However, it appears that drivers … Läs mer

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DAZ Importer

As I hinted in my previous post, I have now crossed over to the dark side and written an importer for native DAZ Studio files. Or whatever. Anyway, DAZ Studio is a powerful program and many skilled modellers, both professional … Läs mer

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MHX2 has moved

For a long time I have been unhappy with the user name ThomasMakeHuman. I first chose the name when I investigated how Collada export from MakeHuman worked in Second Life. In order to access Second Life I had to sign … Läs mer

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Stable version 0.27

A new stable version 0.27 of MHX2 is available. It can be downloaded from here. Changes compared to the previous version 0.26: New deform rig. This affects all rigs created by the MHX2 importer. The deformation is hopefully better but … Läs mer

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Control rigs for the official MakeHuman rig

All current rigs for the MakeHuman mesh derive from two fundamental deform rigs. The deform rig defined by the MHX2 importer originates from work that I started with around 2010, and it has evolved continuously since then. For various reasons, … Läs mer

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Expressions and Poses

Since some time MakeHuman has expressions and pose libraries. They can now be exported to Blender with MHX2. You need to use the development versions of both MakeHuman and MHX2 for this. To include expressions and poses, we must first … Läs mer

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New stable MHX2 version 0.26

Update April 22: Apparently I didn’t test this release as thoroughly as I should have, because it contained two serious bugs: clothes did not scale correctly when exported with units other than decimeters, and exported did not work at all … Läs mer

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