Export from MakeHuman

Design a character in MakeHuman, and equip her with clothes, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and a tongue.


You may also want to add an alternative topology (a ”proxy mesh”). That is done in the Topologies tab.


Also add a skeleton under the Pose/Animate tab.


In the Export tab, select MakeHuman Exchange (mhx2). The export options are:

  • Feet on ground. If selected, the object center is located on the ground, between the characters feet. Otherwise the object center is located in the pelvis area, at the center of mass.
  • Binary file. The MHX2 format uses the standard JSON syntax, but the files can optionally be gzipped to reduce space.

Finally give the character a name and press the Export button. Use the … button to save the MHX2 file to a non-standard location.



11 kommentarer till Export from MakeHuman

  1. Loop Dundee skriver:

    Hi, under the pose/animate I can not find the makehuman-preset for export the file. I use the makehuman-version 1.02 with osx. Wich rig shall I choose?


  2. Rob skriver:

    Choose any rig you want. Export for .mhx2 is under File tab and Export subtab.


  3. Scott Hovey skriver:

    I cannot find the MHX2 rig with the facial rig. I reinstalled with the April version of the MHX2 importer. But when I go to the pose/animate tab, the makehuman2 rig does not show up. When I import and click the ”overide exported data” checkbox, I have the option for the MHX rig (with the facial slider panel) but not the mhx2 rig with the facial bones. How do I get the mhx2 rig with the facial bones.


    • thomasmakehuman skriver:

      Hi Scott,
      There is no such thing as a MHX2 rig. The only way to do facial animation with the MHX rig (which is essentially the same MHX rig as in MH 1.0.) is with shapekeys, either driven by the face sliders or not. The face bone belong to the MH Default (and Default without toes) rigs. The MHX rig is constructed by the importer using the mesh data, the Default rig is made by MH when you select it in the Pose/Animate tab and then exported.


  4. Forrest Jules skriver:

    I have a question. Which version of MakeHuman did you use? Do you have a link for this one?


  5. Ângelo Benetti skriver:

    Hi Thomas.
    Did the roll bones calculation changed between MHX2 versions?
    Some Actions previously done are not correctly played in early MHX2 Exported rig. Are roll bones values recalculated when we override exported data from MH?
    Is there a way to get consistent roll values between armatures generated in different MHX2 versions?
    Thanks a lot


  6. Jesse Lee skriver:

    hey….. my makehuman doesn’t have the Mhx option, it’s the recent version. any idea what I can do?


  7. jhnkbrpls skriver:

    sir in mesh format there is not blender exchange(mhx) but also there is not make human exchange(mhx2) can you help me?



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