MHX2 is not bundled with MakeHuman, but is hosted separately at To download the repository as a zip file, go to

General method that works for both stable and unstable versions:

  • Unzip the .zip file to any place on your computer.
  • Move, copy or link the folder 9_export_mhx2 to the MakeHuman plugins directory. On some versions of Linux it may be necessary to change file permissions with the command:  sudo chmod a+rx /usr/share/makehuman/plugins/9_export_mhx2
  • Move, copy or link the folder import_runtime_mhx2 to the addons destination directory where Blender will look for user-defined add-ons. Depending on the OS, this may be:
    • Windows 7: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.6x\scripts\addons
    • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.6x\scripts\addons
    • Vista: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\%blenderversion%\scripts\addons (this is valid at least for blender 2.69)
    • Linux: /home/$user/.blender/$version/scripts/addons

For the stable version, Joel Palmius pointed out that there is a simpler way to copy the importer to the right place.

100-install-from-fileStart Blender and navigate to the add-ons tab (File > User Preferences > Add-ons). Select Install from File…

110-find-zipNavigate to the .zip file, and press Install from File… . Blender now unzips the repository and copies the files to the right place, for every supported operating system.

120-enableEnable the add-on by selecting the checkbox at the upper right, next to the running man.


The MHX2 import is now available under the MHX2 Runtime tab.

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  1. Daan skriver:

    I’ve done all this and yet the export mhx2 option doesn’t appear in make human. What am I doing wrong?


    • thomasmakehuman skriver:

      It seems that you are using an old version of the exporter, MHX2 v 0.24 or earlier. Download the latest stable version 0.26 or use the unstable. Don’t forget to replace the exporter in the MH plugins directory.


  2. thomasmakehuman skriver:

    Did you copy the entire folder 9_export_mhx2 to the MH plugins directory? There should be a number of other plugins in the same directory, e.g. 9_export_bvh and 9_export_fbx.

    Did you restart MH afterwards? MH searches the plugins directory at upstart, so only plugins that were present when MH started will be visible.

    Do you have several versions of MH on the same machine, and by mistake copied the folder to the plugins folder in the wrong MH?


  3. Clemens skriver:

    same problem here (win8, nighly built 2015.6.6 and previous)

    Could not load 9_export_mhx2
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File ”c:\jenkins\workspace\Windows_unstable\buildscripts\win32\build\makehuman\out00-PYZ.pyz\mhmain”, line 529, in loadPlugin
    File ”plugins/9_export_mhx2\”, line 21, in
    from exportutils.config import Config
    ImportError: No module named exportutils.config


  4. metrov skriver:

    Windows 7. I have the latest version of MHX2, but it does not show up in latest unstable build of Makehuman. I have it installed here: data\usr\share\makehuman\plugins.


    • thomasmakehuman skriver:

      Is this the same place as the other plugins are located? if so, it should show up.
      Are there any error messages in Documents/makehuman/v1/python_err.txt?


      • douglasgervasi skriver:

        Thomas, I hope you can help me with this. I responded on your site, not sure if you got it. Yes, the plugin is in the same directory as the rest of the plugins. No error messages. Did you see response on your site? Thanks


        Contemporary Arts

        Santa Barbara, CA 93117

        805.968.2880 Hm

        805.705.9874 C

        (NOTE: I am migrating my email to ”’)


  5. metrov skriver:

    I see the other plugins in there, however, I’m not certain this is the right place. It seems MH doesn’t install in ”Windows/Programs,” but I found the plugin folder in the same directory where I originally unzipped the Download/Install .zip. Does this sound right? Also, I don’t see any error messages in the place you indicated. Please note, I’m using the latest nightly ”unstable” release of MH. However, another developer was able to use MHX2 with this release, according to what he told me.


  6. Peter Weston skriver:

    On Ubuntu 14.04lts I am getting ”Exception during event onStart” when I install 025 or 026 in the plugins directory of Makehuman 1.0.2. The loading freezes at 40%.


  7. Sebastian skriver:

    How can i Import the shape keys of the Body like ”Muscle” ”Weight” … ??


    • thomasmakehuman skriver:

      There is no easy way to do it, as this is not the intention of mhx2. But I guess that you can create one character for each shapekey and export that as mhx2, or obj for that matter, and then reconstruct the shapekeys from that.


  8. Jamie Donald skriver:

    I am having a problem similar to Peter Weston above (25 Aug 2015). My system is Debian Jessie 8.2.0 and my MakeHuman is 1.0.2. With ”9_export_mhx2” (from v 026) in my /makehuman/plugins/ folder, the program locks up and freezes upon initiation. It locks up at the ”loading plugins” stage. If I remove the mxh2 folder, then makehuman starts as normal. Any suggestions?


  9. Matt skriver:

    Hi Thomas, does the mhx2 plugin work with mac? I have imported the folders into the MH plugin folder but the mhx2 export option does not show up for me?

    Many thanks!


  10. heinzdrei skriver:

    Hi! Importing in an mhx2 in Blender gives me no content, just a single line. In the blender output I found this:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File ”/home/jost/.config/blender/2.69/scripts/addons/import_runtime_mhx2/”, line 224, in execute
    importer.importMhx2File(self.filepath, cfg, context)
    File ”/home/jost/.config/blender/2.69/scripts/addons/import_runtime_mhx2/”, line 46, in importMhx2File
    build(struct, cfg, context)
    File ”/home/jost/.config/blender/2.69/scripts/addons/import_runtime_mhx2/”, line 133, in build
    rig = buildSkeleton(mhSkel, scn, cfg)
    File ”/home/jost/.config/blender/2.69/scripts/addons/import_runtime_mhx2/”, line 316, in buildSkeleton
    eb.matrix = nmat
    AttributeError: bpy_struct: attribute ”matrix” from ”EditBone” is read-only

    I suppose that’s where it chokes. I tried 0.27 and unstable, with Blender 2.69 on Linux (Netrunner, Ubuntu derivative). I admit on being new to blender.
    Do you have any idea what’s causing this?
    Thank you!


    • thomasmakehuman skriver:

      Blender was at 2.70 when I started to develop MHX2, so perhaps they have made Editbone.matrix editable now. The latest version of MHX2 has only been tested with recent Blender versions, probably 2.75 and 2.76.


  11. M.Y. skriver:

    on mac
    Put ”9_export_mhx2” into MakeHuman > Contents > Resources > Plugins folder
    NOT into MakeHuman > Contents > Plugins folder !

    Gillad av 1 person

  12. Thomas skriver:

    everything seems to work fine but there are no ”bones” like in the former versions available. Have I missed anything?


  13. Paul skriver:

    Hi .. I’m using Blender 2.77 and MakeHuman 1.1.0
    I copied all the files and folders into the relevant directories from mhx2_stable_027 but have a problem.
    When I export from MakeHuman, the file extension is mhx2 but when I try to import into Blender, the only file import extension available is mhx. It doesn’t recognise the mhx2 format.


    • thomasmakehuman skriver:

      Did you use the simplified method, installing from the zip file? It should work on all operating systems.

      You also need to enable the mhx2 add-on before using it. It is described at the beginning of the Import into Blender page


  14. Tury skriver:

    How’s things?, on occasion I get a 400 server message when I view your webpage. I thought you may wish to know, regards


  15. Lloyd Llama skriver:

    Just a note for clarification: (for those who may be having problems as i did)
    On Linux Mint, put the folder ‘ 9_export_mhx2 ‘ in /usr/share/makehuman/plugins (NOT in the home/$user/makehuman directory). File permissions need to be changed in order to copy the file there if not logged in as root.

    (this may seem like a no-brainer for most linux users, but, as i am fairly new at it, i sometimes have problems with this sort of thing)


  16. Richy skriver:

    Where you download zip file from? It’s not on any link that you gave.



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