MHX2 documentation

MHX2 is a format for transferring a rigged character from MakeHuman to Blender. It replaces the previous MHX format which had a number of issues.

The currently stable version 0.27 can be downloaded from here. For other versions see this page.

License information

The documentation is divided into the following sections:


Export from MakeHuman

Import into Blender

MHX setup panel

The MHX rig

The Rigify rig

19 kommentarer till MHX2 documentation

  1. granadajose skriver:

    Thanks for this incredible work! I would also like to comment that I have noticed that the page can not be found. Is this correct or maybe I am doing something wrong?


  2. thomasmakehuman skriver:

    Oops, that page had the wrong address. Fixed now.


    • Edde skriver:

      Hello, Thomas. How are you? I hope very well. I am graphic designer and I need to contact you. Can you help me about it? Thank you


  3. Markus Kruse skriver:

    Hi, I am unable to enable the addon in blender. What versions of blender should I use?


    • Markus Kruse skriver:

      Using win8 I figured it could be some sort of permission thing. I moved the addon to blenders own addon dir and it worked.


  4. John Fuhr skriver:

    Great work. I looked at the Faceshift test file, ”tbo_test.bvh”, and at the MHX2 ”” script in the ”import_runtime_mxh2” folder. Could I create my own Faceshift compliant bvh file?
    I’d have to use a marked video as input and then export a proper bvh file, then create a Makehuman figure and then import that Faceshift bvh file.
    The Faceshift web site only provides that sample ”tbo_test.bvh” file.
    Does this sound sensible or workable?


    • thomasmakehuman skriver:

      Unfortunately, the faceshift code does not seem to work very well. The default MH rig worked with Faceshift in the summer of 2014, but the face poses changed after that in a way which is not faceshift compatible. At least I haven’t been able to map all faceshift shapes correctly to the current face rig. Since MHX2 just exports whatever face rig and face poses that MH defines, this is really a MH problem. Unfortunately, development of MH proper seems to have been paused.


      • John Fuhr skriver:

        THANK YOU for your reply! I’ve been trying to look at any current Faceshift BVH files as well. I’ve also been trying to take a simple Blender Motion Tracking edit of a live face in Blender, attaching some kind of BVH to it; then sending it back to Make Human, adding arms, legs and a compliant Make Human model to export back into Blender; take that export and use it to further edit a character. in short: create a character with Blender’s Motion Tracking target that character for MakeHuman further edit that character in MakeHuman and export it as a MHX2 file then add facial movement, maybe walking, etc and come up with my Blender ”monster”

        Thanks for all the work you’ve done and keep it up! Happy Holidays

        e. john fuhr


  5. Marco_105 skriver:

    Hello, this a great addon that I use a lot ! Thank’s for it !
    Could you explain how to change the behaviour of parser name, because when I import file with name : foo-03 it become foo_03 ??


  6. santiago skriver:

    Be careful with Mac !!!
    Installing exporter MHX2
    Once unzipped the folder, sub-folder ”9_export_mhx2” has to go into … / Resources / plugins/.. AND NOT IN THE … / Contents / Plugins…
    It was a nightmare until I discovered it !!

    Gillad av 2 personer

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  9. Sherman skriver:

    Where would be a good place to ask questions about an issue I’ve encountered?


    • Sherman skriver:

      I export meshes in MHX2 format that are using the smooth sub-surface in MakeHuman and import them into Blender. When I right-click on the model Blender crashes with the error EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. If I do not use the smooth sub-surface in MakeHuman it works fine. I’m using MakeHuman v1.1.1, Blender v2.78c and MHX2 importer v0.27. I’ve tried re-installing Blender and installing the MHX2 add-on but the models still crash Blender.


  10. Sherman skriver:

    Nevermind. I found your note on bitbucket not to use the smooth setting and to apply it later in Blender.
    Link to note:



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