Stable version 0.27

A new stable version 0.27 of MHX2 is available. It can be downloaded from here.

Changes compared to the previous version 0.26:

  • New deform rig. This affects all rigs created by the MHX2 importer. The deformation is hopefully better but it is in any way different. This implies some differences also for the control rigs, e.g. there is only one control bone for the shoulder.
  • New control rigs based on the Default rig (with and without toes) exported from MakeHuman. These control rigs are called Exported MHX and Exported Rigify, and as the names imply they are similar to MHX and Rigify. However, there are minor differences because a control rig can not be made totally independent of the underlying deform rig.
  • Export of expressions and poses from MakeHuman. Poses only work with the Exported rig (because that bone hierarchy is needed), but expressions also work with the Exported MHX and Rigify rigs (because they also have the facial bones).
  • New genitals which have been extracted from the disappeared genital proxymeshes. AFAIU the license allows me to do this, but if somebody disagrees please contact me.
  • Various bugfixes.

The new version has been tested with Blender 2.74 and MakeHuman, both v 1.02 and the current unstable version.

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6 kommentarer till Stable version 0.27

  1. Lucas skriver:

    I have the makehuman for mac and there is no option to export a mhx2 file, theres any solution?


  2. Sylvan skriver:

    I have a Mac and I just got it to work after struggling for a few minutes. It was a stupid mistake, I was copying the folder into the wrong Plugins folder! There are actually two inside the MakeHuman package contents.

    MakeHuman > Contents > PlugIns Contents > Resources > plugins <—- Correct!


  3. netherby skriver:

    FK/IK Snapping for Arms does not seem to do anything?


  4. thomasmakehuman skriver:

    Just tested, it works as expected both for the mhx and exported mhx rigs, and for other rigs the FK/IK panel shouldn’t be visible.

    What did you expect it to do? If the FK and IK bones are already at the same place no bones are moved.



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