Utilities panel

This panel contains material that does not naturally fit into the other panels.


Default Settings

  • Save Defaults: Save current settings as the default settings.
  • Load Defaults: Load the default settings from file.

Manage Actions

  • Actions: A list of all actions in the scene, at the time when the Update Action List button was last pressed
  • Filter: If selected, only actions belonging to the active character are included in the action list. When the mocap tool creates an action, the first four letters in the action name are taken from the rig name.
  • Update Action List:
  • Set Current Action: Set the action selected in the Actions list as the active action.
  • Delete Action: Permanently delete the action selected in the Actions list. The action must have zero users. It is quite cumbersome to permanently delete actions in Blender. The reason is that creating an action with hand animation takes much work, which should not be lost accidentally. The situation is different with mocap, where it is easy to fill up a blend file with many irrelevant actions. This button makes it easier to clean out such junk motions.
  • Delete Temporary Actions: Some tools create temporary actions, whose names start with a hash sign (#). Deletes all such actions.


  • Set T-pose: Pose the character in T-pose.
  • Define T-pose: Define the current pose to be the T-pose.
  • Undefine T-pose: Remove the current definition of the T-pose, replacing it with the default one.
  • Load Pose: Load a pose from a .json file to the active armature.
  • Save Pose: Save the current pose as a .json file.
  • Current Pose => Rest Pose: Set the current pose to rest pose.

Temporary properties

  • Delete Temporary Properties. MakeWalk creates some properties for relevant posebones during retargeting. Pressing this button removes these properties. However, be aware that some of the tools in the Edit panel may fail if the temporrary properties are deleted.

The temporary properties for the active posebone can be inspected in the N-panel.


  • McpBone: The name of this bone in the internal hierarchy.
  • McpParent: The parent of this bone in the internal hierarchy.
  • McpQuatW, McpQuatX, McpQuatY, McpQuatZ: The rotation of this bone in T-pose, represented as a quaternion.


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