New stable MHX2 version 0.25

The new stable version 0.25 can be downloaded from here.

For the latest updates, download the unstable version. In particular, in the stable version there is a bug in FK/IK snapping that is fixed here.

The new version contains some minor bugfixes and additions compared to v 0.24. The main difference, however, is that it works with the unstable version of MakeHuman. The previous stable version of MHX2, v 0.24, did work with MH unstable when it was released, but it does not anymore due to changes in the MH api.

There are of course no guarantees that 0.25 will continue to work with MH unstable, which is subject to change without notice. Therefore it is important that it also works with MH stable 1.0.2.

It is recommended to use Blender 2.72, but it has been tested with 2.70 – 2.72 and should work with all of them.

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