MakeWalk is a Blender add-on for retargeting mocap data (.bvh files) to a given armature.

Basic Workflow

Where to find BVH files?

Before you can retarget a bvh file to your armature, you must first create or download it. This document lists some sites where bvh files can be found.

Where to find BVH files?

User Interface

The user interface is located in the Tools shelf to the left of the viewport. It consists of six panels,

Edit Action
Source Armature
Target Armature


The making of Running feet. Tutorial was made for MakeWalk 0.906. Some things are slightly inaccurate because they have since changed, but it may still be useful.
Figure 8 – automatic animation.

What if retargeting fails?

Errors and Corrective Actions. MakeWalk is designed to retarget animations to a given armature with a minimum of user intervention. However, retargeting is a complex process, and entirely automatic retargeting may fail or result in suboptimal motion. Information about how to identify and correct problems is found here.
Defining the Target Rig Manually. A common problem is that automatic identification of bones in the target armature fails. A bone map can then be assigned manually.

Retargeting Explained

Retargeting – How it Works.

2 kommentarer till MakeWalk

  1. Humza Ahmed skriver:

    Do the licence which apply on MakeHuman apply on this add-on as well?


  2. Mario Felicioni skriver:

    Hello man,my name is Mario,I’m 41 years old and I’m studying psychology. In the free time I love to learn blender. I’m using custom armature that I made myself. The bones of the head I made them myself, while those of the rest of the body comes from Rigify. Now, the problem is that Makewalk is not recognize my custom armature and it gives an error because the bones to use for the head are not included inside the script. But I found a workaround. If before making ”set t-pose,” I separate the bones of the head from the rest of the body with the P button, then I do ”set t-pose” it works. And after ”set t-pose” joining the bones of the head with the body with ”CTRL + J” keys. Obviously, this solution is boring and it wastes a lot of time to do it manually every time. But if it were made inside the Makewalk script and / or Rigify ? It would not be a way to expand the functionality of Makewalk and Rigify ? So if someone wants use his armature it could make it work with Makewalk to do the Mocap. You could tell to the script what kind of bones to separate the user select them and then press on ”set t-pose” and the script separates them, then sets the t-pose and then rejoin them, changing the name of the final armature,which in my case was called rig1 instead the initial name was rig. Thanks, let me know.



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