MHX2 has moved

For a long time I have been unhappy with the user name ThomasMakeHuman. I first chose the name when I investigated how Collada export from MakeHuman worked in Second Life. In order to access Second Life I had to sign up for a Bitbucket account, and that user name made sense at the time. Soon thereafter MakeHuman moved from the old svn repo to a new hg repo on Bitbucket, and I reused the account that I already had. However, already when I started the MHX2 project I felt that my user name was unfortunate, since MHX2 is a project independent from MakeHuman, although it of course only works in conjuction with it.

But in the last year or so I have been working on things that are completely unrelated to MakeHuman, and it feels strange to put this stuff under the label ThomasMakeHuman. In particular, an importer for native files for Daz Studio (.duf, .dsf) is close to completion. For this reason, I have changed my user name at Bitbucket to something more neutral: Diffeomorphic. The new path to the MHX2 repo is thus and the place to download the zip file from is The paths to the stable versions have not changed; they are still hosted in my dropbox and are not affected by this move.

Documentation for the Daz importer will eventually be hosted on my new blog,, although it is just a placeholder at the moment. The reason why I switched from WordPress to Blogger is that it is appearantly impossible to open multiple blogs connected to the same email address, and since I have used the same Hotmail address for the past fifteen years I don’t really want to change that. The new blog is not exclusively going to be a host for software documentation, but I might write from time to time about other things that interest me, like physics, history or languages. Incidentally, the name of the blog has nothing to do with 3D graphics but reflects my interests in physics.

In the future the content of the present blog may be moved to the new place, but this will not happen overnight and maybe never.

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2 kommentarer till MHX2 has moved

  1. JetPaul skriver:

    i have an issue of installing on mac the entire folder is lock and when its installed there is no way to add 9_export_mhx2 on the script folder. i hope you can help me. thank you.


    • thomasmakehuman skriver:

      I don’t use mac so I don’t really know, but commenter M.Y. wrote:

      on mac
      Put “9_export_mhx2” into MakeHuman > Contents > Resources > Plugins folder
      NOT into MakeHuman > Contents > Plugins folder !

      Perhaps that helps.



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